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Join us in celebrating 20 years of dance excellence in Rutland! From the dazzling performances of our talented youth to the electrifying routines of adult and community groups, the Spotlight Dance Festival has grown into a dynamic showcase of diversity. Share your cherished memories and photos as we relive the magic of the past two decades together!



Our ethos and drive are to put Rutland Dance onto the stage for all to see. The aim of this show is to unite Rutland Dance and to share ideas of work that is taking place across the county.

The dances performed will vary from dances created in curriculum lessons, those taught during extra-curricular clubs, adult classes to dances choreographed and developed by performers in their own time.

We are thrilled to be able to continue to offer our dancers this valuable and rewarding experience and continue their journey through dance

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Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chris’s role within the show is to ensure all groups and leaders are fully prepared leading up to the show and that all logistical elements of the show are taken care of, including dress rehearsal arrangements, tickets and transport. You can also find me on stage presenting at each show.

Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell

Sarah’s role within the show is to offer creative direction for the show, support dancers and their groups in ensuring they have the best performance possible come show night, and also choreograph and lead all RYDA performances.

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